Kick-start your mobile locksmith business in Dublin

Kick-start your mobile locksmith business in Dublin

Are you keen on learning how to start a mobile locksmith business? Do you want to become a certified professional by taking a training course that will give the appropriate certification? There are several online courses and video classes where you will receive your own manual and tools for practice in a self-instructed environment. You may Google to find a listing of training institutes and schools and detailed information concerning training and certification.

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Move smart

After finishing your course training; get started by buying a vehicle that you will be using for your business. Make a smart choice by going for a vehicle that is reliable for all weather conditions and that has space for decal to be added for your company/business name. You will see that most of mobile Locksmiths Dublin drives white vans that come with lots of inside space and have no seats. These vans give you plenty of room to keep or set up all of your tools inside the vehicle.

Promote business

License to add authenticity This is an attractive business opportunity with promising income potential. Marketing your service becomes easy with such a mobile business when you have a memorable company name and contact details put on your van. This grabs people’s attention and whenever they see your van they will know who to ring when there is an emergency.

Get a business license number by following the requirement and undergoing certain programs. The business must comply with all relevant laws and rules in Ireland. Once you get the license you will be able to fix, service, install, scrutinize, and open and close locks by mechanical means. There are compulsory classes which you must attend, and you must also fill out all required paperwork.

Tools of the trade

Pick sets, torsion wrench, bump keys and practice cylinders are some of the essential tool that professionals use in case there is a lockout problem. Pick set is a long, curved metal piece with differently shaped heads to manipulate locks by bumping the pins inside the lock and then align it in a way that opens the lock. Professionals with a wide range of picks in their arsenal will be well-outfitted to tackle any issue relating to car locks. Torsion Wrench is an L-shaped tool which is used for the inner cylinder of a lock. Most of the time quality pick sets includes this torque wrench or tension wrench. Practice Cylinders are available in different sizes and are used for opening different locks without causing any damage. For tumbler type of locks bump key are widely used.

Basics you cannot ignore

With the concept of flexi-homes gaining popularity, you need to have an apartment that comes with an annexes which can be used as an office even if your business is mobile. Though priced a bit higher than the other apartments, this home-cum-office concept not only benefits the service providers, but also saves them the cost of buying/renting an office. Also, getting a little extra with the apartment always helps. It is compulsory to have a business phone line to carry out the operations smoothly. It is also mandatory to have proof of ownership of the vehicle you will be using and proof of insurance. Get hold of all of the supplies that are necessary in order to successfully run your mobile locksmith service. Minor supplies are available at most hardware stores.  However, for more specific supplies you may need to visit a special store/shop.

Follow these above five pointers and try to build your business by specializing in all fields like electric alarm system repair and installation of new lock and handles on doors.


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