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This is the age of technology. Technology improves as the time progresses. With dawn of each new day technology gets evolved. Computer and internet is a part of that technological evolution. Internet is the platform where all the data from all over the world is stored and shared. The most important part of the world of internet is website. In the recent time the websites are also used as means to promote business besides sharing information. We can define a website as a virtual representation of your business in the World Wide Web.

Now a day’s almost all large, medium and big business owners have their own websites. Today’s websites are so modern that besides providing companies information’s we can also buy the company’s products and enjoy their services online. These kinds of websites are better known as ecommerce websites. But creating a website is not quite so easy a task. Web designers are those special groups of people who are expertise in website designing. They use are many tools and techniques to do so. There are many open source platform based on which a custom made website can be created. Some of these are word press, Joomla, Magento, Open-cart, Os-commerce to name a few.

While designing a website it important to keep it in mind that the website needs to be user friendly. To make a website user friendly the most important thing is to design a custom Content Management System (CMS). CMS allows the website owner to make changes in his website like its content, images, product details etc. Another important part of website development is to develop a data base where all useful data and information gets stored. The most important feature of modern website is the integration of ecommerce which allows the customers to buy products and place orders online. As ecommerce is becoming the need of the days the number of websites with the facility of online shopping is increasing gradually.

Now a day’s many people are accessing internet using their iphones and smart phones rather than their desktops and laptops. But not all websites are mobile phone compatible. So it is important to make a website mobile compatible or to create a separate mobile website. This trend has led to an escalation in the demand for demand for mobile websites.

It is also important to increase the visibility & traffic of your business online for your website. Your website has to be search engine friendly for this to happen. There are many steps involved in making a website SEO friendly. If your website is SEO friendly then your websites traffic will be increase, your online reputation will grow and last but not the least your business will flourish.

Another way to promote your business is thru social media. Different social websites can be used as a platform to promote ones business to a wide range of people all over the world.

Now a day’s many IT organizations all over the world are providing website designing, website development and SEO services. These organizations have their clients all over the world. They are providing quality web services to their client. Due to their quality and consistent services, the number of clients of this organization is on a rise gradually.

About Author: The Design Boyz Ltd is an UK based organization who provides web designing services, ecommerce designing, word press, Joomla, opencart, os-commerce designing, custom CMS design, mobile website designing, SEO and SMO services.


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