Business Vendetta Between Top Social Media Companies

twitter-versus-facebookWith Instagram deciding to turn off their easier photo viewing feature for the Twitter users, the salvo between these two most talked about social media companies is getting more intense.

If the words of the CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom is to be believed, the action is so taken to steer Twitter users to instagram. The turned off feature is meant to allow an embedded version of multimedia content such as Instagram photos or YouTube videos integrated right within a tweet. Thus, while the Twitter users will not get the functionality as they were used to, hopping to Instagram will surely meet their needs.

As no one was found at Twitter to comment on this, a status message on their website confirmed that the users are facing “issues” while viewing Instagram embedded photos on Twitter. Systrom, on the other hand, has ascertained that the users will “continue to be able to share to Twitter as they originally did before the Twitter Cards implementation.”

“We believe the best experience is for us to link back to where the content lives,” Systrom said while commenting on the recent advancements of Instagram’s website. “A handful of months ago, we supported Twitter Cards because we had a minimal web presence,” he said, noting that recently the company has released a handful of features that allow the users to comment and ‘like’ photos directly on Instagram’s website.

However, if we closely look into the recent developments we will find that the decision is perhaps to get the better of Twitter and popularize Facebook. In September 2012 the world’s no # 1 social networking site, Facebook outbid Twitter and nabbed Instagram for $715 million (approx) in a cash-and-stock deal.

In a response to this deal, Twitter blocked Instagram from accessing its data to help their new users to finding friends. Thus, the decision of restricting the photo viewing feature of Instagram on Twitter can be derived as a retaliatory response of what Twitter did a couple of months back.



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