Defining Features of Apple iPhone 5

Possessing an iPhone has been the latest craze of the day. And with Apple unveiling iPhone 5, the demand has seen scaling newer heights. While creating a furor in the USA, this new age plaything has been launched in India earlier this month. As we speak now, there are perhaps millions of these devices being sold. Now, let us check some of its brilliant features that have led the worldwide enthusiasts to go for an iPhone 5:

Sleek Design: An iPhone 5 has shed a great deal of weight and has been a lot light and sleek without compromising its performance. It is built with a 8MP iSight camera and many other telltale functionality that makes iPhone 5 a must-have phone in every pocket. It comes in a gorgeous aluminum body designed in sync with an phenomenal level of precision. iPhone 5 is just 7.6 mm thin and its weight is 112 grams only. It is thereby much thinner, taller, and lighter than that of its predecessor, iPhone 4S though they have the same width.

Larger Retina Display: Any smartphone with a larger display screen often tends to overboard awkwardness in terms of overall look and feel. However, the large 4-inch display screen of iPhone 5 is nicely integrated with 326 pixels per inch so that you can enjoy more of everything you see on the screen. The retina display of iPhone 5 offers an impressive 1136 X 640 resolution. With a color saturation of 44 per cent greater than iPhone 4S, the hues in a iPhone 5 get a boost too. So with this phone, the words you read, the games you play, or the images you see appear to be much vivid and lifelike.

Superfast Connectivity: With avant-garde designs and extended battery life, an iPhone 5 also fosters lightning fast connectivity speed. It employs LTE technology that has been proved in auguring faster data transportation without limiting the battery life. It also supports more networks in the world. Even the most advanced networks like that of DC-HSDPA, HSPA, and HSPA+ are found to be compatible with iPhone 5. Thus no matter on which part of the world you are living or will be traveling to, you can be sure that your phone will perform just the way you want it to be. With iPhone 5 you can now stream, browse, and download web contents at superfast speed.


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