US Army Introduces Smartphone Application Development Programme

Web and mobile application development has been a new age theory that has changed the way the world used to be in the yesteryear. When mobile phones launched in the world market some decades ago, it was unbelievable to talk about the facilities that we are enjoying today. It will not be a misnomer to comment that Smartphone applications have truly opened up newer ideas and contributed massively in giving a realistic shape to those ideas.

US Army with Smartphone

The concept of a hi-tech soldier is no more considered to be a mere fiction. Recently we are introduced to a military Smartphone application development programme initiated by the US Army that aims to offer a strategic help to the men who are in battlefield services. This has been made possible with the emergence of a mobile apps store, specifically providing apps compatible with iPads and iPhones. Currently there are around some 12 different applications in offer with a possibility to work on some more on an Android framework. All of these apps will make the service men digitally empowered with a lot of other necessary strategic aspects.

Gaining such a great leap in the technical field of Smartphone application development is not at all considered to be a cakewalk. Rather, the strategic importance and nitty-gritty of the project is required to be maintained with due consideration. A mere mistake in the coding was enough to hamper the functionality of these apps to a great extent. However, with a complete adherence to a systematic approach, the developers have made the project a grand success. Until the revelation, little was known about such a project being carried away and that too not in any small time mobile application development company but in the Army labs. It was kept under tight wraps, hidden from the general public and the media, and rightly so.

The US Army incepted the programme way back in the year of 2010. They have used both the battlefield and the training sessions as the testbed of these Smartphone applications to assess their functionality. The soldiers were given access to custom apps and mobile devices only to expand the programme later on after working upon the feedback as received from the real life situations. As per a developer associated with the project, the programme follows an agile software development procedure with a target of delivering apps within a tight release cycle.

With the entire system in place, now you can expect the army to be vigilant as ever before, perhaps armed in a better and more effective manner this time. The battlefield specific Smartphone app development programme of US Army is committed to result in better connectivity, communication, real time sharing of data and videos, coordinating, decision making, strategic planning, and many more.

Therefore, ranging widely from a well reputed mobile application development company to the most coveted organizations of the world like that of US Army, developing Smartphone applications has been the order of the day.


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One thought on “US Army Introduces Smartphone Application Development Programme

  1. viagrapillen January 16, 2013 at 4:14 AM Reply

    I really like this subject and can’t read enough about it!

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