Go, Play with Google Play

Those who love computer and video-games, here is a great news for you!

Online gaming applications have found a solid platform with the introduction of Google Play. Apart from games, it showcases movies, music, magazines, books, as well as cloud media player for popular TV shows. It also features smart updates that promise to save both bandwidth and time.

Go, Play with Google Play

All these updates, undoubtedly, made lives easier both for the developers and the end users. However, all the epoch making services are still not accessible in the Indian subcontinent. Researches and updates are still on process and is expected to hit the market all throughout the world soon.

The ‘Smart App Updates’ format as brought forward by Google Play facilitates the programmers to install the updates to the apps allowing the end users not to download the entire Android application package file once again. This has seen to bring a massive fall in the file size of the downloadable file.

Google Play has also taken substantial measures to discourage application piracy. It has encrypted the paid application files with a system specific key to make it harder for the users to break the security coding structure and share the app with others. Employment of this methodology has greatly promised to limit anti-piracy activities.

Google Play also comes with improved application management features that let enables worldwide users to unplug at first and then instal the updated app right from the website.

A newer section named ‘My Android Apps’ provides a window to the users where they can see all the installed applications and update/remove the same at their will. However, the manufacturer/ carrier installed apps cannot be removed or updated herewith.

Another section titled ‘Other Apps in My Library’ shows you a list of applications that were once installed in your device. You can sift through this section if you want them to give a try once more.

In a recent announcement, Google proudly revealed that within a year Android’s user base increased from 100 million to 400 million. In countries like India, this growth story has been a phenomenal one and it is expected just like Android, Google Play too will be welcomed by all.



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