Indian Government Using Technology to Fight Assam Riots

Assam Riots

A mass internal exodus of nearly 100,000 populace rocked India recently. Mainly the panic-stricken people hailing from north eastern states of India settling in other parts of the country hurled back to their native states after rumors hit high about the communal riot between the Boro people and the Bangladeshi immigrants illegally settling in different parts of Assam and the whole of north east. Agitations were high all throughout India and occasional incidents of attack to the north eastern community were reported.

The social networking sites on Internet like Facebook and Twitter were reported to contain morphed images and instigating comments about the atrocities that has fueled the violence. Both the central and the state governments, after repeated assurances aired to the general public, failed to stop spreading of violence.

Recently though the Cyber Security Cell under the Department of Information and Technology has found the source of spreading the violence through morphed images to a cross-border nation. Sources revealed that the images of violence in Sudan and Bosnia were tailored and fitted with an Indian backdrop.

The government acted fast to do the damage control this time. They have asked the different social networking sites to remove such images that are found with objectionable contents. A whopping number of more than 200 websites were banned/blocked with an immediate effect. Also they have checked sending bulk text messages and limited the number only to 5 per day. The IP addresses of the sites that added fuel to the fire also have been tracked and are forwarded to their country of origin with a demand of prompt and adequate legal action.

Though the Indian government and the social networking sites are found to lock horns in suppressing the web contents in previous issues, this time a sincere help is assured under the banner of preservation of national integrity. Fighting fire with fire has definitely helped the Indian government a lot in checking the spread of violence as things are getting normal and people are coming back to their normal lives once again.



2 thoughts on “Indian Government Using Technology to Fight Assam Riots

  1. Anonymous Blogger January 19, 2013 at 12:29 PM Reply

    Thank you Ben 🙂

  2. Ben Kooper August 23, 2012 at 10:06 AM Reply

    Good information………

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