Kick-start your mobile locksmith business in Dublin

Kick-start your mobile locksmith business in Dublin

Are you keen on learning how to start a mobile locksmith business? Do you want to become a certified professional by taking a training course that will give the appropriate certification? There are several online courses and video classes where you will receive your own manual and tools for practice in a self-instructed environment. You may Google to find a listing of training institutes and schools and detailed information concerning training and certification.

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Move smart

After finishing your course training; get started by buying a vehicle that you will be using for your business. Make a smart choice by going for a vehicle that is reliable for all weather conditions and that has space for decal to be added for your company/business name. You will see that most of mobile Locksmiths Dublin drives white vans that come with lots of inside space and have no seats. These vans give you plenty of room to keep or set up all of your tools inside the vehicle.

Promote business

License to add authenticity This is an attractive business opportunity with promising income potential. Marketing your service becomes easy with such a mobile business when you have a memorable company name and contact details put on your van. This grabs people’s attention and whenever they see your van they will know who to ring when there is an emergency.

Get a business license number by following the requirement and undergoing certain programs. The business must comply with all relevant laws and rules in Ireland. Once you get the license you will be able to fix, service, install, scrutinize, and open and close locks by mechanical means. There are compulsory classes which you must attend, and you must also fill out all required paperwork.

Tools of the trade

Pick sets, torsion wrench, bump keys and practice cylinders are some of the essential tool that professionals use in case there is a lockout problem. Pick set is a long, curved metal piece with differently shaped heads to manipulate locks by bumping the pins inside the lock and then align it in a way that opens the lock. Professionals with a wide range of picks in their arsenal will be well-outfitted to tackle any issue relating to car locks. Torsion Wrench is an L-shaped tool which is used for the inner cylinder of a lock. Most of the time quality pick sets includes this torque wrench or tension wrench. Practice Cylinders are available in different sizes and are used for opening different locks without causing any damage. For tumbler type of locks bump key are widely used.

Basics you cannot ignore

With the concept of flexi-homes gaining popularity, you need to have an apartment that comes with an annexes which can be used as an office even if your business is mobile. Though priced a bit higher than the other apartments, this home-cum-office concept not only benefits the service providers, but also saves them the cost of buying/renting an office. Also, getting a little extra with the apartment always helps. It is compulsory to have a business phone line to carry out the operations smoothly. It is also mandatory to have proof of ownership of the vehicle you will be using and proof of insurance. Get hold of all of the supplies that are necessary in order to successfully run your mobile locksmith service. Minor supplies are available at most hardware stores.  However, for more specific supplies you may need to visit a special store/shop.

Follow these above five pointers and try to build your business by specializing in all fields like electric alarm system repair and installation of new lock and handles on doors.


The Design Boyz – Web Designing and Development Services Provider

This is the age of technology. Technology improves as the time progresses. With dawn of each new day technology gets evolved. Computer and internet is a part of that technological evolution. Internet is the platform where all the data from all over the world is stored and shared. The most important part of the world of internet is website. In the recent time the websites are also used as means to promote business besides sharing information. We can define a website as a virtual representation of your business in the World Wide Web.

Now a day’s almost all large, medium and big business owners have their own websites. Today’s websites are so modern that besides providing companies information’s we can also buy the company’s products and enjoy their services online. These kinds of websites are better known as ecommerce websites. But creating a website is not quite so easy a task. Web designers are those special groups of people who are expertise in website designing. They use are many tools and techniques to do so. There are many open source platform based on which a custom made website can be created. Some of these are word press, Joomla, Magento, Open-cart, Os-commerce to name a few.

While designing a website it important to keep it in mind that the website needs to be user friendly. To make a website user friendly the most important thing is to design a custom Content Management System (CMS). CMS allows the website owner to make changes in his website like its content, images, product details etc. Another important part of website development is to develop a data base where all useful data and information gets stored. The most important feature of modern website is the integration of ecommerce which allows the customers to buy products and place orders online. As ecommerce is becoming the need of the days the number of websites with the facility of online shopping is increasing gradually.

Now a day’s many people are accessing internet using their iphones and smart phones rather than their desktops and laptops. But not all websites are mobile phone compatible. So it is important to make a website mobile compatible or to create a separate mobile website. This trend has led to an escalation in the demand for demand for mobile websites.

It is also important to increase the visibility & traffic of your business online for your website. Your website has to be search engine friendly for this to happen. There are many steps involved in making a website SEO friendly. If your website is SEO friendly then your websites traffic will be increase, your online reputation will grow and last but not the least your business will flourish.

Another way to promote your business is thru social media. Different social websites can be used as a platform to promote ones business to a wide range of people all over the world.

Now a day’s many IT organizations all over the world are providing website designing, website development and SEO services. These organizations have their clients all over the world. They are providing quality web services to their client. Due to their quality and consistent services, the number of clients of this organization is on a rise gradually.

About Author: The Design Boyz Ltd is an UK based organization who provides web designing services, ecommerce designing, word press, Joomla, opencart, os-commerce designing, custom CMS design, mobile website designing, SEO and SMO services.


How to Guest PostContent marketing by link building through guest posts has been the buzzword of SEO service. With newer strategies implemented, the search engine spiders will definitely be on hunt for posts that possess quality content.

Before you contribute content to any blog, you must know with which one you should go. As the platform is the most essential part in determining the longevity and value of your link, a little knowledge can prove substantially helpful.

Below, I will try to share some successful guest posting tips and tricks with my readers:

  • Blog Selection: Select a platform that would make some sense to the visitors in relating your line of business. It does not need to belong to the same niche, but there should exist a fine line of relation. The readers of the blog should be able to extract substantial help from your guest posts. Only thereby, you will be able…

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Save Taxes on Educational Fees Paid for Your Child

Save Tax

Save Tax

This is the time of the year when you will find taxpayers brainstorming to find ways to save their hard-earned money from the clutches of income tax. But little we know about the available options of income tax deductions.

The Section 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act is presented with plenty of options on tax benefits. All we just need to do is to know the rules properly. Apart from life insurance premiums, public provident fund deposits, and equity linked savings schemes, there are also some other ways too that can help you from shelling out more to the exchequer.

Very few of us really know that it is possible to enjoy a tax deduction of up to 1 Lakh INR on the ground of money being spent on our kids’ education. The deduction is only for tuition fees paid for your children. In case you or your spouse is also undergoing an educational course and paying the tuition fees, no benefit under this section can be availed.

However, this scheme is only for individual assessees. Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) cannot claim tax deductions under this section. More to this, you are allowed to claim for deductions for the school fees paid only for two children. If you have more than two kids, you have choose any two of them. Nevertheless, if your spouse is also a taxpayer, he/she can also enjoy the tax benefit for two more children.

More Money Less Tax

More Money Less Tax

There are also some strict guidelines stating the courses that will come under this exemption. Only full time engagements in schools, colleges, or universities are included, while payment of private tuition fees is not entertained. Also any sort of donations, development fee, hostel/mess/library charges are not included under this section.

Suppose your child’s tuition fee is 2 Lakhs INR per annum. Now, if both of you and your spouse are individual assessees, two of you can enjoy an income tax exemption for 1 Lakh INR each. Keeping an eye on the escalating tuition fees, as claimed by the private educational institutions, this option is surely going to keep your frowns upside down this March.

The Inner Workings Of The Popular Mobile Spy Technology

The most recent craze that is sweeping the nation is mobile phone spy software. It has steadily grown over the last few years into something that millions of people all over the world are using. More and more people are starting to notice the benefits as well as the cheap price that most of the products advertise but how does it actually work? How does a simple program allow you to track everything that a target does without alerting the person themselves?

The answer to these questions is simple; the program works in the background. It is the type of software that will hide on the persons phone throughout the entire time you are using it and will never attract any attention to itself and all it takes is the simple upload of a link onto a mobile device to kick start the monitoring process. This access to the mobile device is something that only needs to be done once and can be completed anywhere that you can get a network signal.

 The program will:

  •  Log every single call that is made or received as well as text messages and emails
  • Trace the phones location within 50 feet
  • Block certain activities with the click of a button
  • Give you access to the phones screen via a remote computer

The final feature on this list is an advanced area that is not always available on certain spying applications as it is a relatively new addition to spying technology. The rest of the points however can be found on nearly every single application. They are easy to set up and many people have started to use them as a way of looking after their children and protecting them from getting involved in things that could be harmful. These features are completely secret and proven to be completely effective when it comes to monitoring exactly what a person does.

If you have any problems setting the application up most of the spying technology applications have a complete customer service hotline that you can call for advice.

Post by Kate Pirs. Marketing manager in a team, who developed mSpy  – mobile sms spy app, which helps tracking children smartphone activity and finding stolen or lost phones.

Google Flops

Google is one of the most celebrated names in the world of computers and Internet. Its products always remain on the cynosure of all eyes. Armed with a plethora of epoch-making inventions apart from its flagship search engine, today the company has truly been the one-stop solution provider to the netizens.

Google Flops & Failures

However, Google’s path of glory has not been without failures. On the contrary, there are a lot of Google products that have been a complete fiasco. Let’s take a long walk to Google’s graveyard to learn more on where they faltered:

Google Buzz: This was introduced to counter the popularity of Facebook and Twitter. However, this opt-out service for Gmail users is a complete failure and has not augured the expected fan following from the Gmail users.

Google X: It was the Google search engine’s home page version that was framed akin to Mac OS UI. It was meant to display all of Google’s products in a row of icons as appearing above the search bar. The project was called off immediately lasting only for a day.

Google+: G+, as this service better known as, zoomed to possess fastest 10,000,000 members under its belt. However, since then its popularity has declined subsequently along with a massive downfall in traffic.

Google Answers: This was projected as an ill-fitting reply to Yahoo Answers. It engaged paid researchers to answer the queries of the users, who were asked to bid for a reply. However it is presumed that the users wanted their replies for free, although quality comes with price.

Orkut: It is a much hyped social networking site launched by Google to curb down the domination of Facebook. However, only in India and Brazil Orkut received some sort of popularity, which was soon faded out to give way to Facebook.

Google Wave: It was launched with a perspective to bring all the features of social media and instant messaging and combine them into the old-fashioned email service. No matter how novel the initiative was, the users showed no interest to ride the tide as they found it overly complicated.

Google Audio Ads: This was a radio powered audio advertising platform meant to provide search based ads to the global broadcasters. However, the real performance of the service was far behind the expected levels and Google finally left behind Audio Ads in 2009.

Google Notebook: It was a browser based application launched by Google to enable the netizen to save any information available over the Internet to a personal notebook. However, this service soon went into the oblivion with the introduction of Google Drive.

Dodgeball: Google purchased this location-based social networking service for mobile devices from its founder who ultimately left Google to form Foursquare. Soon Dodgeball lost in the race of being the premier mobile-based space. Understanding this, Google buried Dodgeball and moved on to introduce Google Latitude.

Apart from these, there are also some little known Google products that cannot be termed as flops right away, and therefore are not included in this discourse. To know more about these, click on the above link. Feel free to share your thoughts.

An Android Application to Fight Crime Against Women

Crime against women has been an everyday affair in the present day India. Every now and then the media pops up a breaking news that reports some gender based violence. Recently, a brutal gang rape on a running bus in the national capital and the death of the victim has seen a nationwide protest demanding a death sentence for the criminals involved in the barbarous act. Stages were held in every Indian city to mourn her death and big talks are all around in fighting this social menace. But did their voice reached to every nook and corner of India and put a break to the sexual violence against the fairer sex? The answer is a big NO!

Care for Women

Care for Women

Recently though, three New Delhi based entrepreneurs, namely Manuj Porwal, Saurabh Moody,  and Tarun Samvedi  came up with an mobile application that can be used by women as their armor against any form of sexual violence. This includes any act of misdeed against women and help them to prevent harassment, sexual assault, molestation, or any  other uncomfortable situation anytime, anywhere. The application SuspectsRegistry, as they have named it, sends an instant SOS to three numbers as opted by the user, records the audio of the incident as a proof of the crime, publishes the photos of the perpetrators on Facebook, and locates the whereabouts of the incident through GPS tracking or network location sources.

While the whole of India were busy in taking part in protest marches, candle light vigils, and Facebook status updates, the Delhi trio locked themselves up and put in a rigorous effort for 146 hours to bring forth SuspectRegistry with a noble aim to address the growing social cancer. The application is currently available only for Android powered phones. One can easily download the app and get it installed on her phone. Hope the news will be helpful in our attempt to fight any sort of sexual offenses against women.


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